A gift for the moonless night
A long awaited sight
To illuminate and rejuvenate ,
The dark and lonely night
To make it cute and bright

How sweet and lovely
To watch it twinkle brighter.
Distinct and unmistakable
Standing out in the dark sky
Centre of all stars,
The end of all glitters
I can’t dismiss the charming
Progression into the night.
Bringing out the urge and surge
From east to east, through west
I watch the beauty vested
On the star
As I watch
A star like object eject
Into the sky project
Brighter, larger faster moving
Away my intention and attention carry’s
It I follow as it fades and runs away
Not awakening I still follow
Till it dies off motionless lightless
Thought it a shooting star
That all my wishes come true
Only to be a meteorite
Leaving me full of cries
My star I try looking
For hours had watched
Clouds now scatted
Harder to find
The meteorite and my star
That in seconds gone
The night now dark as never
The middle of the night
I cant sleep ‘coz I let my star slip
While chasing speed and light
Cold chilling and am chilled
I get to my cold bed
Warm it, sleep in it ,warm it
Waiting for dawn,
The sun to watch
Brighter, warmer, longer lasting
My day warmest and harnessed
By the ever loyal, never leaving companion

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I am a very open-minded, passionate and rational. Strong willed would describe how I face life. My firm stands on what I believe in are often confused for being opinionated. I speak the truth, regardless cost and to whom it is due. My spirit is in each article. I share from deep within. Based on my experiences and those of my friends. This is my rant.

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