When a Tribe is More Important Than a Nation.


A Kenyan time comes when a tribe is more important than a nation.We as a country have forsaken our country for the sake of our tribesmen. Tribal cocoons have been our best weapon against our own development. How many times have we forgotten of what is important for Kenya  just to protect our tribe.Kenyan today
Many of us are victims. When one of our elite politicians is caught violating the law of unity by spreading impunity through hatred beautified words, we from his tribe are the first to say he was misquoted, that is not what was meant, it is photo-shop, blah blah blah. We pick twigs and go to the streets saying that we are being targeted.  some of us even say we are being marginalized, Are we really sure of what marginalization is all about.
Another one of us  is caught for stealing public money and what happens? We his tribesmen stand up in unison to defend him. We do not even care to know what the accusations leveled against him are. We forget that the money being pocketed on ‘our’ behalf is what is supposed to move us from the impoverished society we are  living in. Does this mean we enjoy living in poverty so long as our tribesmen are ‘safe’?  Of the people we put in to represent us, how many are a representation of us?
This reflects that we have brainwashed ourselves to believing that our tribe is more important that we as individuals.
One of the most outrageous  thing is that we are political enemies who can not meet eye to eye, but when our enemy( from our tribe) is faced with a national graft charge we forget it and become political allies forgetting we almost killed each other. A political battle field turns into a political wedding forgetting the bloodshed. forgetting the whole nation.
It has come to a point that we celebrate atrocities. When our tribal leader directs us to commit act of violence against those we do not share common ancestry we celebrate him. We even crown him our messiah. Clothing them with those traditional regalia that were very sacred and could not just be given to anyone. That is just reflect the extent we are sacrificing Kenya for our tribe.
Even where lives have been lost because of their lose tongue, we still defend them. Does it mean that the dead killed themselves,  or because we will all die that was their way of dying? Our tribe is always right is what we preach day and night if not dream with.
The worst thing is that we have devolved the spirit of tribalism. It now runs in the veins of our county governments.  Thriving without hindrance.
What should we say when the same spirit is being fueled and driven in our religious platforms. If we cannot look at religious leaders according to their capability to lead the flock, but according to their tribal backgrounds,  where exactly are we headed. I guess some of us believe that there will be tribes in heaven. or that tribes are express vehicles to heaven.
This is a very wrong mentality we are budding. It will grow into a dreadful cancer if it has not grown into one by now. Kenya is bigger than any tribe than any individual. We should celebrate ourselves as Kenyans. And more-so condemn crime and all atrocities without favoritism. Whether it is your tribesman or you relative, a crime is a crime. Let us embrace one another, as Kenyans.


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