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A paradox of justice
Justice delayed is justice denied. A very famous quote that has found its home in our country.
Justice has really lost its meaning. JUSTICE new meaning is JUST IS. And INJUSTICE is now IN-JUSTICE.
index‘Justice’ is for the affluent. People who can buy it, if not hire it.
What justice is left of the poor if they cannot be granted their constitutional rights and freedoms? I may not have a lot of insights in law but Kenya is a country that the citizens have more insights on a case than the law enforcers. Who have been entrusted to maintain law and order and defend the citizens.
What can we say of the cases that have been closed for lack of evidence after genuine Kenyans volunteered to provide evidence?   What will we call justice if a drunk hit and run driver takes 18 months to be prosecuted,  yet a family who lost their sole breadwinner is still in anguish. What trauma will they have gone through by the time the drunk driver is exonerated for lack of evidence?


The social media has done a job that needs some appreciation. They have been able to open cases that would however be forgotten. It has been able to bring justice to the door. The problem is that those that hold the keys to justice and those that guard justice have ended up being roadblocks to justice.  This roadblock is like its job is to frustrate Kenyans.
Justice is among the topic that trend the most when they arise. Some have even resulted to the guys at the top to intervene. The only problem is that the intervention is just a drop in the ocean of justice.
My frustration as a Kenyan is about the number of statements that are recorded. Sometimes I question the stationery used. Is it a chalk whose imprint is meant to be erased after a week or two, If it survives that long. The political class have proved to be the best in evasion of justice.
Lawyers kindly help me here.  Is s specific kind of evidence required to prosecute the political class or the rich? If DNA tests results, video evidence or public witnessing is insufficient evidence.
The possibility of a young individual like me rotting in jail a simple article like this is a million time higher than a politicians incitement that that may leave several dead. Is this what we call justice?
The justice system has really been desperation for some Kenyans. Is the status of a person considered in the justice system? Cases involving bigfish are adjourned very many times some to an extent of several years. This can be compared with those of petty crimes that at times one hearing can land a very innocent individual 10 years imprisonment.
In conclusion, Can anyone explain the rationale of:  the law enforcers drive their land cruisers into estates in search for criminals every day, you call in for help and they ask you if you have cash to fuel their vehicle.
Is Utumish Kwa wote meant to mean Tujitumikie Wote?
When all is said and done, a lot is said nothing is done.

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