Sodom In Kenya


What has become of our society?
What has become of our moral Values?
I am very disturbed by the rise in sexual activities of us the young generation. Worse is the Increase especially for the youths in primary and secondary schools. Not to mention the brothels we call universities and colleges. Sexual activities have now become the order of the day. It has now become fashionable to engage in all possible kinds and types of activities.
The rate at which high school children being found engaging in drink up and sexual orgies is not only very high but also very alarming and demoralizing. We have really lost our dignity and morality. What we held so dear and guarded is now a being considered as uncouth, uncool and unhealthy and filthy. Being a virgin at age 15 these days makes you the laughing-stalk among your peers. Something that was almost unheard off. Virginity at marriage was a valuable achievement and something to be proud about. Now reverse is what is a sin. A virgin is considered an outcast.
High schools have become brothels. Raising the question how safe are the children and youth?  I recently had a chat with several ladies in regards on the issue of sex in schools and what I heard was so shocking.
One Liz (not her real name) admitted that she would spend most of her form 3 and 4 weekends either in her boyfriend’s school (bed) or in school with him in her bed. It was very shocking beyond words. I got so concerned of how such things could happen without the teachers having knowledge of it. Liz told me that the teachers knew but with the existence of sexual engagements with fellow students ensured that t nothing came to the surface. There existed cliques of student with relationships with teachers who were meant to protect their fellow friend. What kind of relationship is this?
This begs the question, where have we taken our morality? Are the teachers still the parents responsible for their children?
On this issue I had my doubts until this in a Matatu leaving to work. Very exhausted, half awake as the potholes on this road would not let me. And the radio presenter of the channel I could not recall starts
” ……….Teacher saved by police from angry residents of * village when leaving a lodging where he spent the night with two Form 3 students who had been sent home for fees……”
These gets me back to my senses and I wonder how a teacher would end up doing such a detestable activity.
“…. The said teacher is said to be the one who had sent the two of them home for school fees….”
He continues.
So it must have been  pre-planned. The news now very disturbing.
Our roles and responsibility on the issue of morality is not anywhere near where we are leaving now.
What about the news from the land of champions?
Does it ring anything? Among the worrying issues is the number of underage students who were caught. Five hundred students is not a small number. The age was also very shocking. if children as young as 12 years are engaging in drug abuse and sexual activities where are we headed as a society?
What kind of future parents are we breeding. We are definitely setting ourselves for failure.

students The problem we can all see is big and has spread to all parts of our country.

The rate of new HIV infections is very shocking. Women aged between 15 and 24 years account for 21 per cent of new HIV infections in the country, a new report says  
The report clearly indicates that we the youth are at risk. And a very high one indeed. Another lady I talked to provided a proof on the statistics. Brenda’s (NOT her real name) confession made me tongue-tied. in our conversation she indicated she had slept with 18 guys by the time she was doing her KCSE. It got me thinking of how we are exposing ourselves to a lot of risks.
If the number does not shock you this will. After her KCSE exams she realized she was pregnant. The unfortunate thing is she did not know whose it was. It could be either of the four guys she had slept with in a span of 2 weeks. With this trauma tormenting, Brenda decided  to procure an abortion. She was taken by a friend to this clinic on River Road, Nairobi.
As they sat on the very old, brown, plastic chairs waiting for their turn, the wooden door on the left opens. The lady who comes out is someone she knew. She was from her former school. She was 2 classes behind her.
Let’s end this story here. You can see how we the youths have gotten ourselves into Sodom. This story is to not anything to be happy about.
We have all failed in our responsibility to curb this menace. First is we the youth. We have the biggest role to play in our own lives. We have refused to take heed advice. Parent you have neglected you roles in raising your children. You are too busy making money, forgetting your own children. Or leaving your responsibility of raising children to the teachers. Now you know what they are capable of doing.
Our government is also too lenient to the children. It is our future we are setting for failure. But above all we have lost our humanity. Loving money more than anything.
May God have mercy on us.

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