Zeroing Heroism



A real question crossed my mind at the close of Mashujaa Day.
Will our children and their children have a day to commemorate national heroes?
Fifty plus years down the memory lane we are celebrating our efforts in destroying what our forefathers sacrificed their lives for.
We have blinded ourselves not to see and face the reality. With all the efforts placed by the likes of Jaramogi and JM to have Kenyans own land are being shuttered. From the Kihiu Mwiris to the Mbui Kamitis of this age.  Blood is still being shed for the land whose eyes still bleed.  Of the injustices that have not and will never be fully recognized.
The political class has sworn to kill heroism.  We have followed suit by cheering them on.  Encouraging them to end our history the earliest time possible.  As fast as possible we have embraced forgetfulness. Trying to hide the truth from ourselves.
We are gobbling down all the wealth we have created over the years. It is as if we are meant to finish it as the world is ending.  We are building multimillion shilling gates that open to hospitals with no medicine or beds. Buying billion shilling hospital equipments to be used by hungry, malnourished( anatomically and medically) medics.  What about hospitals with more equipment that outnumber the medics that can operate them? Is heroism offering free maternal health services for two ladies to share beds in the wards? Prioritization is key.  Freedom-fighters were fighting for freedom not for freedom to fight (or grab in this case).
We have refused to see and feel the cancer in our country. Pretending that it is not in us.  We are feeling the pinch but that is not our business. The people we gave the power to lead, NO, THE POWER EAT, have taken everything for themselves. It is no longer Me, Myself and I for them, It is Me, Myself and all the wealth.  The philosophy of representation applying everywhere. From eating on behalf of the electorates to enriching themselves on behalf of the poor people. Are these the heroes that  we will celebrate when the best we can say will be  masujaa?
What about this special group of people seeking recognition? Trying by all means, the worst means. By propagating ethnicity amount Kenyans.  Asking us to eliminate THEM. Just because we don’t share an origin, this is too individualistic. This begs the question, were their fathers and forefathers not involved in fighting for our freedom, if that isn’t enough, were they not affected by 2007 occurrences?  And these are the leaders we are celebrating, Are we just too quick to forget or has rationale escaped us?
Will we ever remember any quotes that were made if they are nullified within hours? Many are the times we ask whether our political class engage their mental ability in making utterances. Where mental engagement has failed in communication how sure are we, it will succeed in policymaking and implementation .
Witch-hunting, fixing and elimination have now become a way of dealing with those who oppose our ideology. Is this what we are planning to be remembered for in the next few decades?  With all efforts aimed at disarming the youth are we building a future for Kenya?
Youths are being denied all possible opportunities to explore their ability. How does extending retirement age help give opportunity to the youth. We need to be genuine with what we do as individual.
We the youth too have become tools of our own destruction. From the rate of early drug uptake to the rate of HIV and STD infection we are actually not planning to see our grandchildren.
We all need to engage the spirit of heroism, where it is about doing the best for our country. If not for the country for our future generation.
Or we will enjoy the new spirit of Ushu-NJAA.


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