Rogue police force


There is a deadly time bomb about a sections of our security force.

Unless we, the citizens act it will be fruitless to wait and depend on our security system. Our rights are violated by those who are entitled to be their custodian. Being the enforcers of law does not make them Super-Kenyans. We all have rights and freedoms. Being a law enforcer is not a direct ticket to manhandle and mistreat other innocent Kenyans.

Some police men and women are just too ludicrous,( to say the least). I am in a bus very early (to avoid these Nairobi jams the traffic marshals have been unable to control and the Nairobi-Rain-traffic factor) headed to work and a police car dangerously overtakes and Stops in front of us . Four Traffic police officers alight and very angry come to bus.

“Dereva mbona unabeba excess?”  (Driver, why are there excess passengers?)
All of us in the bus almost burst in laughter. When leaving the stage, the bus was 5 passengers less. At the moment it has 10 empty seats.
“Naona umebeba Excess eehh” as he gets in to inspect the vehicle.
He is too ashamed to find empty seats that he leaves and ask the female office to get in and take us to industrial area police station.
All this time we are still on the road. The police car has not moved. Causing too much unnecessary traffic. The patrol car then parks to nab innocent drivers. Soon the officer realizes she sat on an empty seat. She begins to question the driver vehemently.  Some of the questions too stupid to find answers.
Why have you been driving for so long? Why is driving license so new? Why does your PSV license look different?
The passengers begin to complain to the officer for baseless allegations. All asking her to state the traffic offense committed. The demands are too high for her to just keep silent.  The allegations she puts forward is obstruction. The driver tries to bring sense into her by asking her how he would have avoided it when the patrol car was parked in the middle of the road.
Does law say that patrol car’s mistakes are passed on to civilians? Rules are to be obeyed by all and sundry. Regardless of their status!
I am really annoyed by the Police response to situations. A friend called the police as he was in a crime situation that needed help. The police asked him if he had money to fuel the vehicle. So does it mean that we the citizen have to fuel the delivery of our human rights. Did the government buy vehicles that they can’t fuel.  What annoys the most is that all day long they are patrolling with this vehicles into the chang’aa dens and sixth-generation drinking joints to collect the daily operation levies.
A real misplacement of priorities.
The shocking reality from a recent exposé by a popular media house indicated that some officers not only lend their guns to criminal gangs but also protect them during the robberies.
If we are supposed to report the robberies to the same people who are perpetrating the act how are we ever going to solve the issues. A focus group discussion revealed some shocking details of crime solution. How fast a robberies is solved is dependent on the amount/value of goods stolen. The main motivation being the ‘cut’ they are going to get from the thieves not finding them.
Q1: Who in his right mind would arrest a devastated young man for parking, when he has come to report having been carjacked and held hostage for over 12hours?
Answer: A Kenyan Cop
It now brings a picture of decadence on where we have placed our hopes for security on.
 Profession juxtaposition:
Doctors wait for patients to treat, Lawyers wait for clients to represent, the police go to look for people to arrest then find a reason for the arrest.

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