The Eclipse


On different orbits we revolve
At the same time we evolve
Our different pace we can simultaneously solve
Showing we can share darkness and light
For those in us to sight
To hold, stop, think and delight.

That is a great occurrence
That only happens rarely
When we have to come together
Before the light, and our brothers
And our star sisters

For the care
Watch and torch
Lighting us when we are dull
But this event, the eclipse
Should be our forever event
As we share more than we differ.

Coz other planets from us,
Can infer, refer and prefer.
You are the moon
To illuminate all I have
When all I can see is darkness
Obscuring my heart with all you have.


About Author

I am a very open-minded, passionate and rational. Strong willed would describe how I face life. My firm stands on what I believe in are often confused for being opinionated. I speak the truth, regardless cost and to whom it is due. My spirit is in each article. I share from deep within. Based on my experiences and those of my friends. This is my rant.

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