Unsaved Christian


The Church….

We are called to be clean,

but have failed to win

the struggle and became unclean.

Sworn and proved too mean,

others we judge and demean,

Our own understanding, we lean

And above all, celebrate sin


A blind world

Were called to show the way,

For it, go on our knees and pray,

But day after day

Through what we do and say

Have not only caused disarray

But have vehemently led it astray.


Instead of crying to God,

We are crying for blood.

Instead of our knees

We have trusted our arms

Instead of Christ, the Lord

We have obeyed of tribal warlords.


For our enemies, we no longer pray,

Without a second thought prey and slay

While God’s order was to love,

All we do is to loathe.

Whereas them, we need to bless,

To us, their lives matter less

And we careless.


We were called to be Christ-like

Now we only like Christ.

Forgetting the tree, the nails, and His wrist

That without a word he graced the hill

Not only to pay the bill

But do His Father’s will.

In turn, we’ve under-priced the sacrificed

While we should have been saved

            We are just shaved.


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I am a very open-minded, passionate and rational. Strong willed would describe how I face life. My firm stands on what I believe in are often confused for being opinionated. I speak the truth, regardless cost and to whom it is due. My spirit is in each article. I share from deep within. Based on my experiences and those of my friends. This is my rant.

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