True Cords


The cords of friendship
Are not made of threads.
But by memories shared;
Beyond all the tears shed,
The pints of blood shed,
And the gulps of laughter shared.

It binds all the pieces
Of weight that we carry
On our hearts, shoulders and backs
Most of which belong to others
But because of love and affection,
We are tied to carry and walk.

Holding on is never easy
While we are ever busy
And all we want is leaving
Coz’ we are broken and tired
And even at times fired
Nonetheless, the cords don’t burn

The strongest cords
Have the tightest knots
From the many unending discords.
But are always tied back together
And like before are back in one accord
Closer, tighter and happier
Know your cord, strengthen your cords.


About Author

I am a very open-minded, passionate and rational. Strong willed would describe how I face life. My firm stands on what I believe in are often confused for being opinionated. I speak the truth, regardless cost and to whom it is due. My spirit is in each article. I share from deep within. Based on my experiences and those of my friends. This is my rant.


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