On Top


Just seen some students from my former high schools. Those young boys felt on top of the world. Probably the culture has not changed ever since. It has reminded me of the years I was there. I really wanted to be on top of my world. Being in this schools that had made a name for themselves in the country and the continent was a good feeling. One was a Chaguo La Teeniz winner when I joined and a runner up in several years. While the other was a top 100 schools in Africa. This was meant to trickle down into our feelings and the way we looked at life then.
The aim of all this was to ensure that we could be able to fit in a world that we would later leave to. No sooner had I arrived in these schools, than being on top of my game was crushed.
I had to learn to climb the ladders a stair at a time at least so that I could be on top of something.
These crushing moments have helped me so much in the life we were being prepared for. Where being a student in a prestigious private university did not stop me from becoming a tailor and a cobbler at Kariokor market. Skill that required eating the humble mandazi because I could not even qualify for a pie.
Being in the university didn’t stop me from waking up crazy hours to get to Gikomba to get the camera shirts to come and resell in campus(There is no relation between a camera and this shirts; but this could be the reason I got into cameras). Neither did this stop me from working in a dingy printing house to count and stamp papers, when I could not secure a job of my ‘caliber’ after my college degree.
I was on top in campus and commanded a following by being in student leader. But after my term, It was in my last semester, this meant I needed to continue being on top. But with every leadership, when a new one comes in, you are only good for advice like Moi or just to be invited to events like Kibaki.(Not to mention it was my first high school nickname). I was rendered an adviser. Never on top of the world anymore. It didn’t stop from asking for help from my lecturers to secure a job. It required me to be vulnerable, and agree I was not on top anymore.
I could say I was on top of my job. Till that one day, the days of being on top came to an end. It was never about performance, but about the world. When you think that your great grades and awesome experience would get you another job even before the loss sinks in, you will be shocked to the core of your existence.
Shock on me, I was only on top of my own world. This took me to the top of rock bottom. Saying it was difficult would be an understatement. But this did not stop me from starting a new career. A professional photographer. But with this one there is nothing like being on top of any world. You are as good as your previous event or shoot.
You are on top when there is an international event, and at the bottom when for a whole month no one calls you to schedule a shoot or even a free event.
Never have I not been reminded that being on top of whatever it is, is short lived and should not make you despise other or be boastful. One sure thing about being at the top is that coming down inevitable. When and how far you fall is what is not known.
Now all I know is am on top of a boda.


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