Wajinga ni sisi


Wanjinga ni sisi and King kaka has said it very well. The actual truth is he is likely not to trend for more than 72 hours. We will have forgotten. We are a falling nation. We are keyboard warriors. Trending for a day, then a scandal will come and we will all forget. The Molis, Kasarani and Imenti and pastor Ng’ang’a clips all have moved us away from multibilllion scandals. We will forget and move on. Karao will still get the 50 bob or 200 for those who have upgraded. When our MPs builds a 0.5KM road with 25 Million shillings like in the case of Roysambu, that in less than a year has started chipping, would dare raise a voice.

We want to be in the bandwagon of shouting we need change but not on the forefront of bringing the change.
Some of us in the middle class have already vowed not to bit in the coming elections based on the bad state of the economy. That is the perfect recipe for another rough time. Many of us hailing King Kaka now would just do what the Jews did after the Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Betray him. If the Nairobians were to be asked to show up to oust our Sonko or even Waititu who they believe are corrupt, we’d start saying about our busy schedules. Forgetting that our schedules are the way they are because of the bad state of affairs.

There are times I feel we should be allowed to take law into our hands. Not punishment but more of accountability and enforcement. Example the contractor building the road should be warned by the community. If the road doesn’t serve for more than 3 years without a need for repair they community goes for them without an injuction. Some of my country men and women can understand this. How a road(Kasarani-Mwiki ) was build and less than 12 months later, a shamba outshines the road. The first contractor was paid handsomely after crazy and obscene costs only for the affairs to be worse less than a harvest season later.
Although this is about our children and the future available for them, we are NOT ready for change.


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