Finally,… Fell in Love


I walked into the room. Nothing could have prepared me for this moment. Dazzling best describes her. Seven feet across the arabica brown wall, four above wood ash grey floor, resting in perfect symmetry between the terrace and the counter, I admired.
In a bid to help me navigate my way around, but also observe protocol, he stretched out his hand towards me. I can’t recall how his hands looked like but the gadget I do.
Seemed like it had exceeded its lifespan by over fifty thousand records. As antique as the painting I was facing. 31.5° It must have been. But I never got a chance to think about it.

The Glance

A table next to the painting I could let my eyes off from, an elegant young lady sat. She was enjoying what could easily pass for Vanilla latte. Not because I know how it looks from afar, but from the way she enjoyed her drink.
My pen collection instincts led me to the wine red notebook by her side. I would have ignored her, although there was too much attraction to her.
All this was before I could find a seat. The temptation to join her table even for fifteen minutes before my meeting was real. The control systems within warned me of the impact of my meeting. It would be outrageous to leave a beautiful lady to join another table for a meeting.
I chose to watch from distance. Quench my love for beauty. Satisfy my thirst for art. I sat across. Some would call it creepy, but I kept my options open. Preparing for our first meeting.

Fell In Love

Fell In Love

I ordered my vanilla latte, as looked through my documents to ascertain nothing had been left out. After three minutes, I looked to enjoy the art. For almost five minutes, I analyzed almost every stroke, shade and colour used to bring the magnificence to life.
All along it seemed I couldn’t let my eyes off her. She would respond by admiring the handsome young man. It was until our eyes landed on each other that I knew what I had put myself into. To save face I got myself deep into my document. It was 1627 hours. Playing the business pitch over and over in my head. There was no room for failure.
I as was checking the time, I decided to steal a glance, only to find she had already stolen a stare. To avoid the awkwardness, I waved. The response was amazing.

The Meeting

To get into my meeting mood, I opted to call the client and inform them I had arrived.
“….. from the entrance, I will be seated on left in a burgundy blazer, with black lapel, and …..”
“You must be a handsome gentleman…” The gentle voice on the other end interjected.
“Look straight ahead.” She added.
I slowly lifted my head, and across the table she was.
She smiled at me. The beautiful girl I was admiring all along, is the one.
The gentleman in me knew it was time to make a move.
It was time to join her.

The Love

I pick my notebook with Wahome John Photography engraved on it, and my vanilla latte on the other hand.
As I walked towards her I tripped kissed some ash.
My documents flew onto her, my coffee spilt and wet everything including my white shirt.
So I lay there in love.


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